Hello, my name is

Nolawi Teklehaimanot

Welcome to my personal website!

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How this website was built

I made this website because I wanted to display some of my projects and a website was the perfect tool to do so. In this website, you can find a description about me, a list of my coding projects and a contact page. I made it using the three most common languages for web development; HTML, CSS and Javascript. The structure and content was added using HTML, styling and placing the content is the result of CSS, and functional tools like the menu button on small screens and the clock in the home page are made using Javascript.



A student database management program designed for Mary Ward high school's self directed system that allows students to submit their units to teachers for them to accept or reject them.

CSCA08 Projects

The projects I made in CSCA08(Computer Science 1) involve files, unittests and sorting algorithms such as Selection, Insertion and Bubble sort.

Much more

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