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A web application designed for Mary Ward high school's self directed system that allows students to submit their units to teachers for them to accept or reject them.

UTSC Map Navigator

Developed an interactive map for the University of Toronto Scarborough campus using the Google Maps API to help first year students and upper year students entering a new semester.

Point system

A sample point system for university/college housing with a GUI made with a python module called Tkinter. This program decides who gets priority housing based on family income, Identity, disabilities etc.

CSCA08 Projects

The projects in CSCA08(Computer Science 1) involve files, unittests and sorting algorithms like Selection, Insertion and Bubble sort.


This simple calculator is made using python and has a GUI made with a python module called Tkinter. In this program, the user can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

More on GitHub

Much more projects can be found on my GitHub.